Nick Urb - "Until The End of Days"


Nick Urb - "Until The End of Days"

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The sophomore release from Clawson, MI based singer-songwriter Nick Urb. He recorded Until the End of Days in Hamilton, Ontario at Catherine North Studios. After hearing the sounds the studio naturally produced, he knew this was exactly the creative space the album needed. The resulting recordings are flushed with nostalgia and bittersweet melodies which showcase Urbs coeval vocals and delicate musical sensibilities. More than anything, the musician extends a comforting assurance to others by honestly documenting the experience of coming into his own. As Nick sees it, “my songs are all inspired by deeply personal experiences as I intend to keep those moments and memories alive”.

Track Listing:
1.  Out Alive 4:19
2.  This World 3:55
3.  Until the End of Days 4:34
4.  Emily 3:51
5.  Higher Ground 3:44
6.  Everything and More 3:06
7.  Heaven on Earth 3:01
8.  Brothers 3:28
9.  London 4:01
10. Routines 4:25




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