Special Guest Blog | Alecia Gates from London has Fallen

~Songwriting and Cupcakes~


Hey there guys! I’m Alecia from the band London has Fallen and I get to write a guest blog! Woot Woot! So I was trying to decide what to write about and I figured well what do I do/know best? I’m pretty good at writing songs so I decided okay I’ll write about that! So I’m just going to give you all a little inside look at my writing process!


So my favorite writing process is with an instrument. Learning to play either the piano or guitar is the best way to really bring your song to life. I usually start by just strumming a few different chords and coming up with what key I’m feeling. Then I just start singing what I feel, or I think back on a memory or time in my life and try to tell a story with my lyrics. Once you have your lyrics written and a basic idea of how you want the song to sound then you can basically do whatever you desire with the song if you have an awesome producer like I do.:)


My second favorite way to write is by listening to a track. Cameron will basically record all the instruments or most of them and then I just listen to the track and sing what I think would fit best and come up with different melodies and harmonies to go with it. We have done some amazing songs with this writing style and it really lets us both focus on our strengths. For me my strengths are writing and singing and harmonies are my absolute favorite things to do. Cameron can basically do anything with any instrument so I got really lucky there.:)


The third writing process I use is poems. If you don’t know how to play an instrument or you just don’t have access to one, this way is very useful. I sometimes get the best lyrics written this way. I will just have a notebook and pen or pencil and just write a poem or a story and then turn it into a song later. Most songs take a few tweaks lyrically before they are ready for the final album, but ultimately the message stays the same. You just have to decide what you want to say and be passionate about it because writing a song isn’t about just getting it done. It’s about purging the thoughts or memories that you just can’t let go of. The best thing you can do to make your lyrics stand out is to be honest and to put your entire soul into each song. Every song you write should be a piece of you that is finally set free.  


Thanks for reading guys! I hope this helped some of you if you were struggling with songwriting or just wanted to get an inside look at London has Fallen's writing process!:) Be sure to check out our music at www.londonhasfallenband.com!