Q&A with Impending Lies

“Believe" EP

The latest EP from Impending Lies was released on June 20th, 2015 and this is what they would like you to know


    Blending aspects from many different genres of music, the hard rock band Impending Lies is set out to put their unique stamp on the music industry. Based out of the iconic rock and roll city of Cleveland, Ohio, Impending Lies has begun to receive both national and international attention from fans and music professionals alike. The band is known for their chest pounding rhythms, melodic hooks, and high energy stage performances.

     We asked the guys from Impending Lies a few questions about their past and what they were most excited for their fans to hear off the new album and this is what they had to say!


1. What song on the new album are you most excited to show your fans? Why? 


    Honestly its really hard to pick. They all came out so well. The one that will probably stand out the most is the Journey cover Separate Ways. Its one that everyone knows and likes but also the one everyone is waiting to hear recorded to see if we actually pulled it off ( Which we feel we did haha).


2. Who came up with the idea for the music video; what does it mean to you?


    The video concept for Believe was something that was a brainstorm between James and our old bass player Matt Pettit who was the one we directed and edited the video. Believe has a lot of meanings. Its a way of saying never give up but also in the word is the word lie. Trust is something we see every day as something that hard to come by. 


3. What are your favorite songs to perform live? Why?


     Everyone in the band has a different song live, Top 6 have to be Scream to Whisper, Chaos, Separate Ways, Shine, Let Go and Just Stop


4. Best show you have ever played?


     iL has been given some amazing opportunities over the past 4 years, To pick one is very hard so top 2 would be 2012 Uproar with Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Adelitas Way, POD, Thousand Foot Krutch and more. 2nd would be direct support for Hellyeah at the House of Blues. Both days were memorable days for us.


5. If there is one thing you want your fans to take away from your new album what would it be?


    Thats hard to say. We try to leave the songs to every ones own personal interpretation as far as the lyrics go. As far as the EP Itself we just hope that the fans see the growth in the band that we have felt over the past year and a band and as personal musicians.


6. Thinking back to your early childhood what was your first experience with music like? What or who kept you interested in music? When you think of your childhood what song do you think of?


    Everyone in this band has their own back rounds. Matt, James and Nick come from more of Metal back round than Mark and Davo. We also feel that because of that particular fact its why we work so well together. The heavy aspect to the rock aspect and how we are able to blend them together really works for us. We still after 4 years don't know how to explain to people what kinda of band are we. what Genre does iL belong?! Davo is a huge Tremonti fan, James is a huge Machine Head fan, Matt is a huge Korn fan, Mark is a big fan of Breaking Benjamin and Nick is a big Deftones guy.



7. Do your songs contain specific themes or do you just write about personal experiences? Where does your inspiration come from?


    Sometimes its a theme sometimes its a personal experience. There are times we can say hey Matt try to write something about this or that and we let him just go at it. But some songs are personal. Our song Superhero that was released in 2011 EP and released on the 2013 Full Length was wrote about Matts dad passing. Each song has its own vibe to it.


8. What has been the biggest challenge for you as a band?

            Biggest Challenge is just getting the music heard. With so many bands coming to the internet every day pushing their videos and mp3's it is very hard to get seen due to everyone just seeing another video and saying " here we go again, another band trying to spam my feed". The internet can be a blessing or honestly it can be a hinderance. Facebook and they way to control the pages to where we have over 5k worth of fans but only 300-1200 see our posts at a time unless we pay them.. something about that is not right.


9. Did you enjoy filming the music video? Give us a behind the scenes look.


    We always love shooting videos. This band is full of grown adults who when a few or all get together all turn into 5 year old children. No one is safe from verbal or physical abuse and its hilarious.


10. What is your favorite song off the new album that means the most to you? Why? 


     Believe for basically the same reasons wrote earlier, Its a word of hope yet has the word "lie" in it. The way the song came together really was awesome to watch. The intro synths were actually a tapping guitar part nick wrote and showed to Davo. When we got into the studio with Rob it was talked about can we make the intro just be so awesome that the song would just slam right in. So we moved the tapping guitar part to a synth in the same notes. Everyone loved it. There is something about a song that just comes together so easy that it almost felt like no work was done that makes you feel more drawn to it.

"BELIEVE" is now available everywhere digital music is sold!! Order the physical copy via our store!