4th Anniversary Compilation & Celebration Event


The past year has absolutely FLOWN by with new bands, new releases & even more historical moments!! We are keeping that trend moving forward by announcing our 4th Anniversary Compilation Album! This compilation album will consist of songs chosen almost exclusively from our 12 Street Teams! 

Here is the list of songs from our artists & bands that are to choose from for our Street Teams. 

Ashton Blake:
“Sinking Ship”
“City Girls”

Bobby Danger:
“New Day”
“Running In Circles”

Clifton Derrell:
“Pipe bomb (Stay Calm)”
“Come Up Track”

Christopher D. SIms:
“Poetry’s Revolution (6th Trumpet Mix)”
“21st Century Underground RailRoad”

“Refuse To Die”

First Turn:
“Something To Believe (Acoustic)”

London has Fallen:
“What You Wanted”

Glitzy Glow:
“Strike The Right Note”
“Black and Sunny Day”

Keri Lancaster:
“On This Paper”

The Obelisk:

The Defeated Royals:

In All Honesty:
“Hold On To You”
“Heroin For My Heart”

Toy Sparrows:
“Inside My Head”
“End Of Me”

L.A. Knights:
“Light It Up(ReIssue)”
“Rubber City Meltdown(ReIssue)”

loft 51:
“Subway Blues”


Once a street team picks a song from a band any remaining song from that band is off the table & cannot be chosen. So if you have your favorites it is in your best interest to pick very quickly.  


We will be celebrating our 4th Anniversary with our fans, friends & family on May 23rd in Machesney Park, IL at Pig Minds Brewing Co!

More details coming your way very soon so make sure to stay tuned!

Posted on April 6, 2015 and filed under Announcement, Music, Independent Ear, News, New Release.