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The best way to promote your music as an unknown artist is to tour?
Or better yet, to buy on to a well known artists tour?
I say no to both and I'll tell you why.
1) you can go broke real fast buying on to tours.
2) you will be playing to literally no one many times if you don't buy on to a tour.
I know most musicians want to be known for their stage show but the way the world works today is this...

You have to find a way to get people's attention first, then introduce them to your music on the web, then maybe, just maybe they might want to see you live. There are not enough people in the clubs for Rock and Roll because we're doing it wrong. It's not the 80's or even the 90's anymore. Times have changed. 
Streaming music on the web or the radio are the most popular way people are getting their music today. But you're not getting on the radio without fan support and you don't have fans if they can't find you amidst the other billion artists in Spotify and YouTube.
So how do you stand out to get your music heard? Do what's not being done and do it big! Find a way to get attention and drive people directly to your music online so that they can hear you.

Once you have that, you will begin to truly build a fan base , and people will start to come to your shows and buy your merch. You can build a national and even an international fan base this way. (Think about it... How many bands that you listen to did you see live first? Or did you find them on the radio or YouTube or other form of media first? Lady GaGa is huge yet she's never played Rockford and has plenty of fans here)
Building a fan base by paying someone to play their club (or playing for free exposure) so that you can play to 10 new people is a long hard road that doesn't work nearly as often as we would hope.

There's others ways folks and it's totally up to each of us to find those ways and exploit them for our benefit.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same process again and again expecting different results. It's time for us to get a grip on reality and create our own fate don't you think?
Try something new and different, embrace change, experiment and most importantly, KICK ASS doing it.

~ Jerry Dale Harris


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Posted on February 25, 2015 and filed under Blog, Independent Ear.