Q&A w/ Glamour Assassins

1.     What inspired your song “Ain’t So Young”?

The entire album Ain’t So Young is about the complicated and often turbulent relationship with music and its creation. The title track is central to examining that relationship through themes of loss and acceptance of mortality – whether it be literal or figurative.

2.     What direction do you see your music going?

Our first album has a strong new wave-indie rock vibe, and while it’s likely that our future music will continue to draw from these influences, we refuse to pigeonhole ourselves in this regard. Our music will undoubtedly evolve and being able to experience that evolution firsthand is one of the most significant thrills of the creative process

3.     What message do you want your fans to understand about your music?

That we write music not for fame or money but simply for the sake of creating something people can relate to. That we all share similar emotions and experiences. And that we write good songs.

4.     What is the most memorable show you’ve played?

Probably our album release show in August. The album was a long time in the making so this was a satisfying moment for us, and we were fortunate to be joined by some truly remarkable bands in Mission Zero, If Jesus Had Machine Guns and Brighter Than A Thousand Suns.

5.     What matters most to you?


6.     What is your favorite part about being a band?

Creating something that wasn’t there previously and the vulnerability that comes with putting that music in front of people. The emotion of performing. The knowledge your music has touched or inspired someone else.

7.     Can you tell me what makes your band stick out from the rest?

Our combination of raw emotion with subtlety and nuance. We bring this to our recordings as well as our live performances, and it’s a key element of what sets us apart. The emotion brings an energy and urgency to the music, while nuance brings a sense of artistry and refinement. Both are crucial for the kinds of songs we seek to create.

8.     If you could collaborate with any famous musician, alive or dead, who would it be? 

Personally it would be Joe Strummer from The Clash. I wouldn’t be doing this without his influence.

9.     What is your favorite song to play off of your new album Ain’t So Young?

I think we all might have varied answers to that question and we get enjoyment from playing all of them. Personally, I enjoy “The Day Rock & Roll Died” because it sets the tone for the remaining songs both musically and thematically.

10.  What are you doing when song ideas pop in your head? 

It’s not very sexy - usually while playing guitar or synthesizer. There are lots of ideas but usually you can tell when a good one appears. One that could become a great song.

Posted on October 1, 2015 .