January | Live Music Calendar

Ashton Blake 
01-09 Brownies | Louisville, KY
01-10 Half Times | Mt. Washington, KY
01-17 Maple Inn | Louisville, KY
01-24 Two Lanes | Louisville, KY
01-30 Brownies | Louisville, KY 

Christopher D. Sims
01-13 District Bar and Grill (815 Local Jive) Rockford, IL

Clayton Torchia
01-22 City Hall (RAW) | Denver, CO

In All Honesty 
01-23 Kryptonite Bar | Rockford, IL 

Jerry Dale Harris
01-21 Dragonfly Lounge | Los Angeles, CA

L.A. Knights
01-09 Rippers Rock House | Akron, OH

The Defeated Royals
01-22 Katie's Cup | Rockford, IL
01-25 Bremen Cafe | Madison, WI
01-29 Kryptonite Bar (loft) | Rockford, IL
01-30 Hard Rock Cafe (wsg/TBA)| Chicago, IL

The Defeated Royals with Love Party
01-16 Kate's Pie Shop & Record Store
Rockford, IL

This is our current shows for this month.. more being added so #StayTuned. These will be added to the calendar no later Monday! 

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