Glitzy Glow started in 2006 by vocalist Julia and bassist Johnny Roxxy. The band have been a part of the start of the New Wave Of Swedish Sleaze scene with friends from recording artists like Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx, Crucified Barbara, Sister, Hardcore Superstar, Loud N’ Nasty, XXX, Chris Laney, Bai Bang, Gemini Five, Innocent Rosie and Bonafied.In 2010 Glitzy Glow released their debut EPWelcome To This Glow, the later was digital distributed through Max Music Scandinavia and Phonophile to Amazon, iTunes and Spotify. The EP was recorded and produced by Magnus Sedenberg (Spawn Of Possession, The Bones, Crucified Barbara, Visceral Bleeding, Bullet) The song Black And Sunny Day was featured in a sample CD that came with Powerplay Magazine Issue 99, with bands like Kill Hannah,M.ILL.ION, Power Quest, Headhunter, Firewind. Glitzy Glow also participated in a CD Cats N’ Claws from the UK metal magazine Fireworks Magazine together with artists like Tarja from Nightwish, Imperia, Xandria, Barbe-q-barbies and Vice Squad.In 2011 Glitzy Glow signed a sponsor contract with the beverage company Goodnight Drink for one year with Glitzy Glow releasing their songBlack And Sunny Day for the video game Rock Band 3 on X-Box 360 through Rockband Network worldwide. During this year of sponsorship Glitzy Glow past 100 000 fans on Facebook (today’s date the 19th of february 2014 the number of fans on Facebook are 129 219).Glitzy Glow have played at venues together with swedish recording artists like Mustasch, Innocent Rosie and Plector and have headlined at a dozen venues.Their upcoming full length album that we are offering you consists of 12 tracks and they have been recorded in the top of the line recording studio Pama Studio (Hammerfall, Snowy Shaw, Spawn Of Possession, Bullet)The album contains 12 vivid, vibrating songs that all are permeated by Glitzy Glow’s unique and swedish sound



Strike The Right Note | Single | 2014

Gitzy Glow | LP | 2014

Press & Reviews

Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion changes, but style endures.” Chanel was right; though fashions come and go, it’s style and substance that matter. Sweden’s Glitzy Glow’s self-titled debut album firmly secures them atop the New Wave of Swedish Sleaze scene -Mad Cap Music Review-