Former Tides is a 5 piece Rock/ Post-Hardcore band hailing from Utah. The band formed in early 2014 as a locally acclaimed "super group" debuting with their hit single "Young Minds" that took the title of "Best Rock Single" at the Utah Music Awards. In 2015 Former Tides released their single/music video for "Invisible Wolves", and in October released their EP titled "What We Are" with "Fire" as the single. They've continued their efforts by self recording and producing new material under the direction of Devin Barrus, vocalist, and Chad Jordan, guitar, living up to that chemistry that originally branded them a "super group". Former Tides is known for a wide sonic range of hard hitting and upbeat rock songs mated with emotive melody and catchy hooks.

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Touring Schedule

Timpanogos Music Festival
Saturday, August 27

Press & Reviews

The post-hardcore scene has been dwindling as of late, but these guys brought some serious crashing guitar riffs to the studio just in case you forgot. - SlugMag

The term “supergroup” isn’t used often -- and shouldn’t be! If you’re unsure of the definition, a “supergroup” is a band consisting of exceptionally talented musicians, each with a history of well-received past (or sometimes current) projects. On a local level, the first two that come to mind are Moth & the Flame and Neon Trees. The local music scene is vast and varied, though, so I want to make sure you know about the newest Utah County supergroup, Former Tides. - Herald Extra


Deprivation | Single | March 2017
Fire | Single | October 2016
What We Are | EP | October 2015
Invisible Wolves | Single | January 2015
Young Minds | Single | October 2014