The American Revival came into this world as the backing band for Brandon Callies, but it soon grew wings of it's own once the members began writing outside of the singer/songwriter genre. There is and aggressive undertone to this group's style of rock n roll both musically and lyrically.

Brandon Callies Band was formed in Greenville, Texas in 2007 by the band's singer/songwriter, Brandon Callies. The band recorded their first EP "Unique Normalities" and began playing shows in the Dallas area. After a few years of performing in Dallas, Brandon relocated the band to Austin, Texas where they recorded their debut full length album "The Gunner" in 2011. The album was met with good reviews which led to more regional and high profile shows. In 2013, the band was signed to Hand Drawn Records, and they released a new EP entitled "Life Is Still Good." The EP is a reflection of finding beauty in the pain and inspiration in what seems to be hopeless situations. In early 2015, the band recorded a live album entitled "Be Quiet! We're Recording," which really showcases the band's ability to perform. At the end of 2015, Brandon Callies Band released their full length studio album entitled "There's A Killer Down In Texas." After months of support on their new album, the band changed it's moniker to Brandon Callies & the American Revival. Currently, the band has released two singles for the (405) Project and one full length record entitled "Sounds of Love and Ghosts."


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“Grizzly electric guitar destruction that gives way to humble harmonies lyrically derived from a folky prose. Strings that dance across strutting bass-lines as full of rich vitality as they are striking textures. Boisterous balladry sung from the heart of a dusty troubadour…” - Mindy McCall, Indie Pulse Music

“…It’s really something that The Saint and The Sinner is as full of personable, intimate lyricism as it is relatable narratives, as the exact opposite has been true of the bulk of output that we’ve seen from this band’s closest rivals this year…” - Josh Corbin, Vents Magazine

“…Articulate pastoral poetry and righteous country rhythm haven’t sounded this fresh in years, and for my money, there isn’t a band actively touring today that has the same command of their style as The American Revival does in this stellar LP…” - Sebastian Cole, Gashouse Radio