One multi talented artist with a dream to not only be heard, but felt! Playing several instruments, as well as singing, rapping, and writing his own style of music, Clifton Derrell can expand, and appeal, to many different types of musical tastes.

I am a music lover who just loves music. I don’t care about swag, sales, rep, money, fame, haters, etc. I am a lover of truth. And the truth is, if you feel it in your bones, then it’s REAL!


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To sum up “The Day Job” it’s a story driven, semi autobiography of the rise, fall and redemption of a blue collar worker who strives to become a top notch hip hop emcee. Clifton blends real life issues, humor, introspection, inspiration and faith over hip hop beats and emotion filled rhymes that reflect the everyday mans struggle.

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The Day Job | Full Length | 2015

Super Hate | Single | 2014

Come Up Track | Single | 2014

Pre-Employment | EP | November 2013