New wave, power pop-rock

Writing good catchy rock songs,coupled with guitar harmonies makes you humming along without you even knowing it.

Remember........ where there's danger....there's Bobby Danger.

A History of Bobby Danger from the man himself…

I come from a small country town of a State in Australia called Mildura I played in cover bar bands for years then joined an original band as a bass player. We slugged it out driving 7 hours to Melbourne (City) to play  original music. many times sleeping in the vanWe played all over the country from South Australia to Victoria We recorded an EP but not much came out of it.The songs weren’t solid enough.I didn’t have much input into the songs , so I started to write my own songs, just for the fun off it. With my 80s rock influence , I started recording at home playing all the instruments.After a while all my friends said they were great and  I should start to take my recording seriously and get into the studio. So I recorded my first album , late 2012 in a small studio in Ballarat.Playing all instrument but drums and produced myself While getting it mixed down at another studio , a Melbourne based producer heard it and called me, He heard something special in me and thought i could go another level with really professional recordings and engineers He  wanted to produce my next recording. So I went into Everland Productions which is known for producing great rock acts.Producer Oresti Salter gave it all a harder edge with a more contemporary sound but not losing the uniqueness of what sets me apart from other acts. The EP will also be available on vinyl , I hope to get my first record back this week.I am currently gaining local radio airplay, having only just completed the new EP , and am planning on booking gigs and small tours next year.


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Tokyo Girl | Single | July 2016

Black & Blue | EP | October 2015

3D | EP | September 2014

Surrender | EP | November 2013 (ReIssue)

I Know You Are But What Am I | LP | September 2013