The Hungarian extreme groove metal band Omega Diatribe was formed in 2008 by Gergo Hájer (guitar) and Ákos Szathmáry (bass). They started to play live in 2012 with the lineup: Gergő Hájer (guitars), Ákos Szathmáry (bass), Dávid Metzger (drums), Attila Császár (guitar) and Gergely Komáromi (vocal). They bring some super heavy grooves combined with crazy polyrhytmic elements. The band released their first promo track called Forty Minutes in the end of 2012. After years of hard work in the end of 2013 Omega Diatribe has finally released their full-length debut album entitled IAPETUS. IAPETUS contains 10 banging tracks with killer sounds. The guys recorded the CD at their own studio (515 Studio) in Budapest. Mixed and mastered by the founder guitarist Gergő Hájer. Artwork was painted by the band’s ex-drummer Dávid Metzger, so the guys are doing the DIY thing. In the beginning of the summer of 2014 the band’s drummer Dávid decided to leave the band. Omega Diatribe dropped out their brand new EP called ‘Abstract Ritual’ on 26th of February 2015, featuring Kevin Talley on drums. Their new drummer Tommy Kiss joined the guys at the beginning of 2015.


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They operate in the fissures between groove metal and deathcore. With a low slung and highly syncopated approach suggesting more than a passing awareness of Djent and other highly syncopated progressive metal. -The Circle Pit-

A brand new EP called Abstract Ritual, where they not only keep delivering groovy polyrhythmic metal music, but they also continue their persevering trek through the limitless potential of the human mind. In other words, it’s another auspicious case of elaborate Heavy Metal permeated by an enthralling concept, and if you are a habitual reader of The Headbanging Moose you know how much we value that type of work. -The Headbanging Moose-!Album-Review-Omega-Diatribe-Abstract-Ritual/c23ai/55b9989c0cf22a872582ada2


Contrist | 2016 | Single

Abstract Ritual | 2015 | EP

IAPETUS | 2013 | LP