Akron's True Bad Boys of Rock formed in April of 2011 to open for Bang Tango at Jozey's bar, under the Moniker Jozey and The Bunker Busters. The intial lineup featured Jozey on guitar, Dave Fanz on vocals, Michael Smith on Drums and Troy Poder (whom Jozey had met singing Billy Idol at Karaoke) on Bass.

Fanz and Smith were survivors of the Sunset Strip Glam Metal Scene with their band Liquor Sweet who had been voted one of the 50 best strip bands to never be signed. This amazing band had played the Whiskey, The Troubador, the Roxy and more infamous Hollywood Bars after trekking across country in a renovated school bus. When they returned to Akron for a show, they were only the second band to ever sell out Akron's Infamous Agora, the first being Warrant.

Jozey, who had been in bands Mob Scene and Cellbound, releasing cds with each through Detained Records and briefly was in theBang Tango fold and had also jammed with Guns N Roses guitarist Gilbey Clarke , amongst others and Fanz hit it off with an ?Instant Connection?both on stage and writing.

Combining popular cover songs from the what they termed True Rock Bands such as Motley Crue, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Aerosmith, Judas Priest and Bang Tango, with a high energy, arena rock stage show, they quickly became the "Go To" openers in the area for bands such as L.A. Guns, Bang Tango, Great White, Jackyl, Freddie Salem of the Outlaws, Tom Kiefer of Cinderella, Bullet Boys, Tuff with Stevie Rachelle, Tracii Guns, Faster Pussycat, Gilby Clarke and more. It was immediately apparent that Dave and Jozey had an incredible stage presence together, just like their heroes, Keith and Mick, Brian and Freddie, Axl and Slash and Steven and Joe posses. A fiery compatibility that was fuel for the bands early and sustained success, and drove them to write songs considered instant classics among their fans, throw in the stage antics of Troy on bass and the flash of all of their drummers and you saw why they became so popular. Welcome to the Realm became their theme as they quickly welcomed fans and friends as family and constantly proved how important they were to their success.

In late 2011, Dennis Jaeger replaced Michael Smith on drums and writing for their debut album commenced in April of 2012.

Rubber City Meltdown contained the popular YouTube video of their hit song, Light It Up, along with One More Round, Don?t Cha, Rubber City Meltdown (an ode to the city they love), To The Bone and Forever soon became popular with fans around the world! RCM was recorded in Hartville, Ohio at the Sound Shack with producer and engineer Brian Haskins who took the sound, the image and gritty feel of this band and crafted a modern throwback to Rocks heyday. RCM mixes quality musicianship, catchy hooks, memorable choruses with the Jack Daniels and Bud Light infused energy from their stage performances, often chaotic and out of control, they were dubbed a beautiful train wreck by Bruce Gasber a local sound engineer. But the shows brought the crowd and the crowds grew and grew.

In April of 2013, the disk was released through Jozey's Detained Records to stellar reviews on such websites as PITRIFF.COM were Chris Akins of the Classic Metal Show gave it an 88/100 and said songs like Don't Cha just bristle with a vibe that make you want to do a double shot of Jack Daniels and do some circle spinning of your long gone long hair" and compared Fanz to David Roach of Junkyard and said Jozey "brings a dirty guitar sound to the fold that is reminiscent of a day that has long since, and unfortunately left."

Buzzard Tracks Blog said about the CD "the result is a hard rocking, enjoyable album with lots of hooks in the 80s-90s metal vein of their ancestors, calling Fanz a really good singer, strong melodic and versatile.
And "Jozey's Guitar is truly massive and sparkling with appropriate pyrotechnics and virtuosic solos."

In late April of 2013, Mike Baltrinic formerly of StrawMonkey and singer of local cover band Threshold, showed up at rehearsal and announced he was their new 2nd guitarist. He had bought the cd and learned the songs in two days and they gave him a shot. Which he ran with and has brought a much needed modern metal edge to the band that they had been lacking. His backing vocals combined well with Jaeger, Jozey and Poder?s harmonies and his rhythm guitar work has elevated the already stellar musicianship. Not to mention his ability to hold his own with the Bad Boys regarding their partying ways.

The debut sold 1000 cds and was considered a huge indie success.

In July of 2013, at the suggestion of former Outlaw and Godz guitarist, Freddie Salem, the Knights were asked to record a song for the upcoming Godz Tribute album, they chose the song Guaranteed and after entering the Sound Shack once again, with Brian Haskins behind the board, the song was released in May of 2014 through Gard Dog Records to huge praise gaining them new fans across the globe. 50 cds from the Knights were release as a gift for purchase of the cd, which sold extremely well for an indie cd.

In September of 2014, Dennis Jaeger needed to leave the band on excellent terms, he was replaced on Drums by Michael "Damage" Gallagher of Nightmare Recording artists, Dragonwyck. Damage brings an aggressive, hard hitting metal edge to the band, while he possesses the very important stage flair that has made the Knights famous, the Beautiful Train Wreck continues!

In January 2015 they enter Custom Audio Mutation Studios in their beloved hometown of Akron, Ohio with producer/engineer Curran Murphy, guitarist for Shatter Messiah and formerly of Annihilator and Nevermore. With Curran at the helm, they hope to bring a more aggressive side to their catchy and hook laden songs.

In April of 2015 their second cd, the First with Independent Ear, will be released under the Title Psychoanalyze. Tentative Tracks include, Psychoanalyze, Whiskey Drinking Woman, Trainwreck, That Girl, Don't Let Me Down, Who The Fuck? Are You Ready, Listen, Dance, Devil on My Heels, Coming Down and more?

Tour dates and Festival dates are being booked currently and are to be announced in early 2015

The True Bad Boys of Rock, a dying breed of true ROCKSTARS, who combine excellent musicianship, incredible songwriting talents and the bad boy image that the best have always encompassed into one Fireball, Jaeger, Jack Daniels and Bud Light infused rock and roll party, Girls , mascara, eye liner, leather, dirty guitar, pounding drums, bass in your face and soaring vocals all come together in one term?RUBBER CITY ROCK!

Welcome to the Realm!


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"Psychoanalyze is another of our favorites, collecting a lyric heaviness that is reminiscent of Queensryche and Twisted Sister with furious guitars and impeccable drums. The effort seems destined for radio rotation even as there are some seriously heavy and deep compositions bubbling just under the surface." - Neufutur.com

"…”Psychoanalyze” has a really addictive chorus and it’s performed perfectly; it all has been really, these guys have been crushing it throughout their entire EP and never let up once.  For real fans of that Traditional-Metal-meets-Hard-Rock sound – you won’t be let down in the slightest in listening to the Psychoanalyze EP; and for the rest of you out there, you can try to resist these guys but I doubt it’ll work!" - sleepingbagstudios.ca


Psychoanalyze | Full Length | 2016

Psychoanalyze | Single | 2016

Rubber City Meltdown | Full Length | 2015 (Reissue)