The life of Alfredo De La Fé is an incredible journey through the history of Salsa.

He was born in Cuba and grew up in New York, but his heart is distinctly Colombian and since 1992 he has been proud of the citizenship of that country.

He began his studies at the "Amadeo Roldan" conservatory in Havana, at the age of eight years and two years later he was given a scholarship to study at the Warsaw Conservatory in Poland.

At the age of eleven he moved to New York City and was awarded a scholarship, again, by the Julliard School, where he graduated in violin, composition, arrangement and image music.

At that same age he began to play with Jose Fajardo, considered the best Cuban music flutist and later abandoned his classical career to devote himself to salsa, thus becoming a world figure in this genre.

He enters the world of theater and studies at the "Actor Studio" with Lee Strasberg one of the most recognized acting teachers.

Outstanding soloist with legends such as:

  • Celia Cruz (his godmother),
  • Carlos Santana,
  • Eddie Palmieri
  • The Fania Stars

and many more

Alfredo De La Fé crosses time and space from his classic roots, in Cuba to the urban music of New York, without forgetting the influence that Colombian folklore has given to this artist recognized throughout the planet.

Today its sound travels through the new horizons of Latin music to give everyone a unique style and an unforgettable show.

His violin has made him know 95 countries of the world

He has participated in events such as:

  • Pavarotti and Friends in Modena, Italy
  • The Dance of the Rose, in The Principality of Monaco
  • Umbria Jazz, in Perugia, Italy
  • The Montreux Jazz Festival, in Switzerland (among many others).

Alfredo holds a PHD from Julliard Arts, New York in Music Production, Composition and Image Music.

He has performed and performed many projects and soundtracks for television and cinema, among which are:

  • Hollywood glow, California Jack Nicholson.
  • Sotto il Ponte. Cinema appointment, Italy Director: Sal Cotruzzola
  • Telenovela Azucar RCN Television, Colombia Director: Carlos Mayolo
  • San Antonio Vida Cotidiana Focine, Colombia Director: Andres Agudelo
  • Telenovela Mambo JES, Colombia Director: Felipe Aljure
  • Mano Hollywood, California Director Tony Nardolillo
  • The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Director Tim Burton
  • Celia (Celia Cruz Series) FOX Colombia Director Victor Mallarino
  • Dancing with the Stars with the FOX Stars Colombia Director Camilo Quimballo
  • Paquita la del Barrio Teleset Colombia
  • The Shoeshine Teleset Colombia Director Yalile Yordanelli
  • Zumba FOX Colombia Director U Amuchastegui
  • and many other world-class productions.

For Alfredo De La Fé, it is very clear that growing means the continuous improvement of his art in order to contribute to the development of Colombia and the world.

His commitment is to help young people with talent forging new voices that represent our country and Latin music.

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Alfredo De La Fe, considered to be the top violinist in Salsa music, has formed an organization called “Latino Musicians Against Drugs.”


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